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  • Kik: But surely this Spirit wasn't the... first-first? It's a super complicated invention!
    There musta been other Spirits before this 'un came 'bout!
  • Ahmis: Perhaps, but this is the first one we record. The first Spirit named in the Hall of Spiritst by the first Maker.
  • Kik: Yeah, OK, see: I don't get none 'o that sentence.
  • Ahmis: On the first day, there was the first Maker, and he walked our planet alone. And it was he who birthed this Spirit and who saw it was good. And it was he who named it.
  • Kik: Wait, he were alone? So he's, like, everyone's great great grand-pappy?
  • Ahmis: All Makers are spawns of the first. All our worlds spring from him. It was he who found the Faith, and wrote our purpose, and laid the first blocks of the Hall of Spirits.
  • Kik: But where'd he come from?
  • Ahmis: We do not know. Some say from creation itself. That the universe itself was the Maker and he its named Spirit.
  • Kik: Oh! So he do got a name?
  • Ahmis: It is written on each of our hearts:
  • Ahmis: Shen, the first Maker: May his Spirits illuminate the universe.


  • This page is called "On The First Day, There Was The First Maker"
  • This is the first mention of Shen, the first Maker.
  • The story of Shen may be an allusion to the Biblical creation story of Genesis. The sentence "And it was he who birthed this Spirit and who saw it was good." echoes the phrasing of much of the Genesis creation narrative.