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  • Ahmis: The Grasskan wasn't lying: This ship is a heap.
  • Kik: Will it get us off Wirum?
  • Ahmis: Without question. I imagine three weeks should do it.
  • Kik: It gon' take us three weeks to get 'er runnin'?
  • Ahmis: Well, we're not taking off with that FTL drive, for one thing. Grasskan Spirits claw and clamber like a stumbling child.
  • Ahmis: No no no... We'll install a Circle's End.
  • Kik: A what??
  • Ahmis: A most elegant Spirit: an interstellar drive, birthed eons ago by our founding maker.
  • Ahmis: It gathers dark matter in mighty breaths, and with it, sings a still, sweet song to the universe.
  • Ahmis: A song that stirs the most sublime dance... as a naked singularity forms to pinch space.
  • Kik: Wait, what? Nekkid singularities ain't possible. All my books say if a singularity forms, it "always gon' be wrapped in a horizon, and ain't nobody in th' external universe gon' see it."
  • Ahmis: I highly doubt your books said it that way. But, to your point...
  • Ahmis: Naked singularities were indeed impossible before the dulcet Spirit of a Circle's End.
  • Ahmis: Oh, Kik! I am genuinely excited at everything you're about to learn!
  • Kik: Also: Do we gotta use the word nekkid?

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  • This page is called "Circle's End"
  • Circle's End is also the name of the Continuum's core planet.
  • The Grasskan ship is an hommage to the Canadian "Turbo" train[1].
  • This is the first use of "Circle's End" as a name for the Ring Drive, but it is also the first time FTL drives other than the Ring Drive are confirmed.
  • Naked singularities are mathematically possible, but they do seem impossible to exist. For more accessible information for non-physicists, watch Could Naked Singularities Exist?.


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