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  • Ahmis: If we come across any Grasskans in port, Kik, it's best if you do the talking without me around.
  • Kik: Without you? Why would we need t--?
  • [BUMP!]
  • Grasskan: MAKER!
  • Grasskan: Whoa whoa whoa. Easy now: Don't shoot. I got no weapon.
  • Grasskan: I'm not here fore trouble. I'm hust a trader, looking to settle my family on Wirum.
    I never fought for her majesty... and she's dead now, anyway. So I got no beef with you.
  • Ahmis: And I have no quarrel with you, Grasskan.
  • Ahmis: May your spirits illuminate the--
  • Ahmis: "Looking to settle"? You just arrived?
  • Grasskan: Y-yes.
  • Ahmis: And what of your family's ship?
  • Grasskan: That heap barely made it. We had to get towed down to the planet.
  • Grasskan: I'm actually looking to sell it for scrap, if you know of anyo--
  • Ahmis: Might you be in the market for a speeder?
  • Kik: One that can also perform tractor-based duties?


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