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  • Ahmis: [off-screen] I don't understand. Why is this a bad day to book passage off-planet?
  • Pilot Prahsitt: [off-screen] 'Cause th' whole dang galaxy come runnin' here, this mornin'
  • Pilot Prahsitt: Look around you! Ain't nobody ever comes to Wirum's backwater spaceport! But now we got fleets a' ships parkin' ever-where.
  • Ahmis: I still don't understand
  • Pilot Prahsitt: They all refugees! Fleeing what's left of th' Grasskan Empire before they get their souls sucked out.
  • Kik: What's happened to the Grasskans, sir?
  • Pilot Prahsitt: A horde of vampire creatures done conquered 'em, we hears! Tool their souls. Them Vinn makes you not you, then they paints your face.
  • Kik: "Paints your face"?
  • Ahmis: The Grasskans are a massive power. Who are these Vinn that they could do this?
  • Pilot Prahsitt: Apparently they done swooped in from the Carina-Sagittarius. And ain't nuthin' stopping 'em.
  • Ahmis: Well, Kik. It seems our travel plans have just changed.
  • Ahmis: To do much in this life, you must learn much.
    And we must learn about these Vinn.


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