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  • Taneel: Thanks for coming in, Orla. Take a seat.
  • Orla: Captain, I...
  • Taneel: Listen: Chile opened my eyes to the constraints you've been working under.
  • Taneel: When Puño brought my husband into the Jinyiwei, I saw first-hand how manipulative & machiavellian she could be. I can only imagine what you've been dealing with.
  • Orla: I've done my best.
  • Taneel: I know that. You did right by your crew in an impossible situation
  • Taneel: But we're still faced with an odd setup, here. You are an agent of the emperor's Jinyiwei, yet still answerable to me.
  • Taneel: The chain of command's gonna get... weird
  • Orla: Oof. Like... Which one of us calls the emperor to tell him about the loss of chile?
  • [silent panel]
  • Orla and Taneel: Cuddow.


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