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  • [creeeak]
  • Taneel: MYAAAAH!
  • Taneel: N... Nosh? Is that you? ¡Dios! It's four in the morning!
  • Nosh: Captain... Is real? This? Am I alive??
  • Taneel: Yes. Oh my boy, yes. You're absolutely alive. You're home. You're safe.
  • Nosh: I am looking in mirrors and not seeing my face. My brain is... scared.
  • Taneel: Oh sweet lad. I can only imagine. What can I do to make you not scared?
  • [Nosh looks away in shyness]
  • [Nosh sleeps in Taneel's bed next to her, taking up most of the space, while Taneel has her eyes wide open]


  • This page is called "Myaaaah!"