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  • Taneel: What are you three working on in here?
  • Orla: On our little Vinn! We've been trying to establish some form of communication-
  • Cuddow: It's fascinating! He seems to understand us on some rudimentary level...
  • Cuddow: ... but has no capacity for speech.
  • Orla: So Cuddow tried Dr. Chatterjee's pictograph system on him. And he responded!
  • Cuddow: And then Orla had the bright idea of giving him one of Nosh's crayons... And for the last hour he's been answering us with drawings.
  • Orla: And here's where it gets interesting: We were asking him about the leadership structure of the Vinn, when Cuddow changed up the questioning...
  • Cuddow: I began asking him about the Vinn's missing gods...
  • Cuddow: Specifically, I asked him to draw the icon that the Vinn use to represent their gods.
  • Cuddow: ... And here's what he drew.
  • Cuddow: It's... a rocket


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