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  • Nosh: Ahhhhh, is good to be home. Is good to put back on favoite shirtings.
  • Skitter: Shirt.
  • Skitter: "Sh-urrrt"
  • Nosh: Shirt
  • Nosh: ings
  • Nosh: Is favorite shirtings. Is soft, is snugly, but is also cool on hot days. Is feeling like whole world giving you hug.
  • Nosh: Also! Has secret pocket inside! Is where I keep to hide Kit-kats.
  • Skitter: Whaaat? Don't they get all melty and soft in there?
  • Nosh: No no no, Skitter.
  • Nosh: Skitter, listen:
  • Nosh: ... IS BESTEST PART


  • This page is called "Shirtings"
  • As Dave pointed out on his Patreon[1], Nosh's shirt was last seen on Page 0126.


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