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  • Skitter: We're clear!
  • Taneel: We're clear?? Orla, rear scopes! What do you see?
  • Orla: Jeez Louise: That took out a third of their fleet!
  • Cuddow: Ah. Hrmmm. So that does create a significant Drive event.
  • Skitter: My friends, I believe we've just witnessed the Cuddow Maneuver.
  • Nosh: Ooo la laa! I bet the last time world saw a Cuddow Maneuver was at high school dance!
  • Cuddow: NO
  • Cuddow: No...
  • Cuddow: That maneuver was just me sipping punch in a corner until my mom picked me up.


  • This page is called "We're Clear!"
  • The first and second row of this page are polyptych - a single image broken up into multiple panels.