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  • Taneel: 'Nando, you're the only one onboard who understands Drive dynamics. Will Cuddown's idea work?
  • Fernando: I... genuinely don't know. An accident like this occurred once near Du Fu, but it destroyed both ships.
  • Cuddow: That's because both those Drives were engaging at the same time. In this case, their Drive will be in standby: fully powered up and ready, but not pinching space.
  • Fernando: Oh... Right... That's true.
  • Fernando: In which case... Hold on... Lemme do the math.
  • Taneel: There's no time.
    Skitter: Thread the needle on those Rings, and punch it when we're dead-center
  • Taneel: Cuddow, you're either a genius, or a dastardly murderer.
  • Nosh: I vote genius! He is nice fellow!
  • Nosh: [off-screen] "... Also, I don't know what a dastard is..."
  • [Machito flies through Moebius ship's rings Voo Voo Voo]
  • [Moebius ship goes WHAM as Machito has engaged the Ring Drive]
  • [massive explosion, WHAM WHAM WHAM]
  • [view on Nuevo Chile. Explosion covers a good part of the orbit]


  • This page is called "Dastard"
  • A dastard is "a malicious coward; a dishonorable sneak."[1]