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  • Skitter: OK, I've put us behind a cruiser: Now what?
  • Taneel: Now you keep your mohawk on a swivel... Look for any opening we can duck through.
  • Cuddow: Wait. I have a better idea to get us past them and do some damage.
  • Taneel: Ooo! See, Nosh? That's why we pay Cuddow the big bucks.
  • Nosh: Ack, that is no good! We should all be paid some amounts! We are team of pals!
  • Taneel: ... What's your idea, Cuddow?
  • Cuddow: We all know the effect that a Drive has in proximity to a planet's mass, yes?
  • Taneel: Yes
  • Cuddow: So here's my thought: We fly inside the Rings of that Moebius heavy cruiser, and engage our Drive right as we pass through.
  • Taneel: Engage a Drive inside a Drive? Is that safe?
  • Cuddow: N...
  • Cuddow: No. Not for both ships involved. But... I thought that was the point?
  • Cuddow: LOOK... I'M NEW AT "WAR"


  • This page is called "We Are Team of Pals"