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  • Skitter: Captain! Thank goodness you're back. Your people are crazy.
  • Taneel: My "people"?
  • Skitter: Humans! They're broadcasting final battle cries as they crash ships into the Continuum.
  • Taneel: ...?!?
  • Taneel: ... Well, I guess going Kamikaze is one way to do it.
  • Skitter: Do what? Die in a fire?
  • Taneel: Puño broadcasted a suicide order to all captains.
  • Taneel: ... I guess they're taking their ships with them.
  • Cuddow: Aaaand, ha ha ha -- if I can just jump in on this conversation -- how are we feeling about this order? Ha ha ha.
  • Cuddow: Because I'm personally loving being alive. Lotta enjoyment, here. Big fan. Ha ha ha
  • Taneel: We ain't dyin' today, Cuddow.
    Skitter, Take us up.
  • Skitter: Up? Up where?
  • Taneel: Get us behind any suicidal cruiser you can find. We're gonna draft through that wall of ships.


  • This page is called "Big Fan"