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  • Filia: Mard... Walk with me, if you will. Tell me about the Grasskans.
  • Mard: It appears their empire is almost lost. ... Their royals are dead, and the bulk of their planets conquered.
  • Filia: But by whom?
  • Mard: A power calling itself "the Vinn".
  • Mard: Our databases hold almost nothing about them. Language markers, mainly.
  • Filia: Hmmm. I am not familiar, myself. But then, I have not travelled those regions, as you have.
  • Mard: I am not much better. I sent two sets of cruisers to investigate these Vinn, and lost contact with both.
  • Filia: We must assume the worst, then. The Grasskans were always formiidable. And for their empire to fall so quickly...
  • Mard: Agreed. You must speak to the Colegium immediately.
  • Filia: No, Mard. You must speak to the Colegium. Conflicts are growing on all our flanks...
  • Filia: ... and we shall need a Maker Prime skilled in the ways of war.


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