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  • Circle's End
  • The adopted home world of the Continuum of Makers
  • Two cruisers approach from opposite directions: Both bearing bad news, both desperate to see the Maker Prime immediately.
  • One ship is headed up by General Mard, the famed blind warrior of the Grasskan wars.
  • The other, by the temporary commander of Contemplation, Rumination & the Brooding
  • ... who took over after the sudden death of his leader on Nuevo Chile.
  • Both arrive at the Hall of Spirits to find the same news: The Maker Prime is very ill, and will see no one.
  • Mard is insistent:
  • Mard: Then get me Filia. Someone needs to take my news to the Colegium immediately.
  • Temporary Commander: Mine as well
  • Guard: Filia is with the Maker Prime. And all news can wait.
  • Mard: This can't. The Grasskan Empire has fallen! To a new power from the outer rim.
  • Temporary Commander: Nor can my news wait! Our intelligence on the human homeworld failed us! They were able to--
  • Filia: STOP. BOTH OF YOU.
  • Mard: Filia, I...
  • Temporary Commander: We bring news, Filia...
  • Filia: After 463 years of life, and 122 as Maker Prime... I'm sorry to say he is no more.
  • Filia: "May his Spirits illuminate the universe."
  • [triangle goes Ting]
  • Mard and Temporary Commander: "May his Spirits illuminate the universe."


  • This page is called "May His Spirits Illuminate the Universe"
  • This is the first mention of the Maker Prime
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  • This is the first mention of Filia