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  • Pa: Sir! Before you go!
  • Pa: My boy Kik made you a gift.
  • Pa: ... A Prahsitt luck necklace to keep ill winds from your path.
  • Ahmis: Oh! This is... very well made. I am honored by this spirited gift.
  • Pa: Well, um... I don't know if this'll mean much to you, but my boy is green-born.
    Means he got a special path to find in life. Great things to do.
  • Ahmis: Does it now.
  • Pa: And wellsir, sum'in tells me you're the one to show him those things.
  • Pa: Signs is caused, sir, and signs got meaning.
  • Pa: And when someone falls outta the sky, fixes what can't be fixed, puts more food on my family's table, well....
  • Kik: We figger I'll never find a better mentor, sir.
  • Pa: EXACTLY. So we wanted to ask if you'd consider takin' Kik with you... as yer apprentice?
  • Pa: A green-born will soak up everything you got to teach him, and be loyal as loyal can be.
  • Kik: And it'll be a two-way street, sir! I can help you with what needs helpin'.
  • Ahmis: I'm afraid the Continuum is a closed loop. It does not permit outsiders.
  • [Ahmis looks pensive]
  • Ahmis: But then...
  • Ahmis: I am no longer of the Continuum.
  • [Ahmis touches necklace]
  • [close-up to necklace]
  • [Ahmis puts on necklace]
  • Ahmis: My made-name... is Ahmis. I was once a high maker of the Colegium, serving in the great hall of spirits on Circle's End.
  • Ahmis: And now... I will teach you what can be taught.
  • Pa: Also please take his dumb bird.


  • This page is called "Made-Name"
  • This is the first appearance of this dumb bird.