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  • Ahmis: And you people, have they ever left this planet...?
  • Pa: Wirum, sir, and yessir.
  • Pa: Grasskans came, few hunner years ago. Taught us all sort a' stuff. Gave us tech, too, on the agreement we grow food for 'em. Which we done happily.
  • Ahmis: Ah yes. Grasskans. My people are ...aware... of them.
  • Ahmis: An where must I go to find a starship?
  • Pa: Ha! Well, you couldn't be farther. Nearest city's a 3-day haul with my tractor, come harvest.
  • Ahmis: [off-screen] And could I impose on you to drive me in the morning?
  • Pa: 'Fraid harvest ain't for another cycle. I'd lose my crops, if I was to go now.
  • Pa: But! If you can get her runnin', you can tak my old tractor. Thing hasn't moved in 20 years.
  • Ahmis: Ahhh! This I can work with.
  • Ahmis: You, sir, have just relieved yourself of a guest: I will be gone by morning.
    And to thank you, I will build you a gift. A little something to increase your harvest yield six-fold.
  • Pa: Dang-sang it! You can build sum'in like that overnight?
  • Ahmis: My friend, I will build worlds with these hands.
  • Ahmis: WATCH.


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