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  • Pa: Well hag it all: How long he been there?
  • Young Prahsitt: Five hours or so. We been lookin' for you in the southern fields ever since.
  • Pa: Is he banged up? What'd he say?
  • Young Prahsitt: He didn't say nuthin', pa! He don't speak any Ti'tal or Moq.
  • Larr: Or Grasskan! I tried Grasskan on him, sir. My uncle taught me Grassk--
  • Young Prahsitt: We get it, Larr, you speak Grasskan.
  • Pa: Did you feed him?
  • Young Prahsitt: He weren't hungry. He just kept reaching for our bookpads. So we gave 'im a big ol' stack a those.
  • Ahmis: ... And they have been most helpful.
  • Ahmis: I believe I have the hang of it, but do let me know if I make any mistakens or mis-pronunciations. I've only had a few hours with it.
  • [bookpad reads something illegible]


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