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  • [two Prahsitt younglings playing a ball game]
  • [thrown ball flies over the edge of a cliff]
  • [one of the Prahsitt younglings slides down the cliff towards the ball, a Continuum escape pod is in the background]
  • [the young Prahsitt discovers the escape pod]
  • [the young Prahsitt calls for the other ones]
  • [two more Prahsitt younglings marvel at the escape pod]
  • [the first Prahsitt slides their hands over the surface of the escape pod]
  • [one hand apparently hits some kind of touch pad and the escape pod goes Deet deet deet]
  • [KLIK]
  • [Ahmis exits the escape pod]
  • Ahmis: [talks in Continuum language] ######?
  • Ahmis: ...
  • Ahmis: [talks in Continuum language while bowing down] ##########


  • This page is called "Arrivals"