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  • Emperor Cruz: Reports are in from Chile, tío. It's a massive Continuum invasion.
  • Emperor Cruz: The last transmission said drop ships were falling like rain.
  • Emperor Cruz: GAHHH
  • Emperor Cruz: Every potential weapon I turn to is snatched away! My Tesskan army is gone. My Jinyiwei navy is in tatters. Even my overtures to the Grasskans are useless, now.
  • Emperor Cruz: My last hope was with a tiny scout ship, looking blindly for pilots.
    But in a fit of idiocy, I ordered it to Chile as well: Trying to confirm our cure for the Vinn virus.
    ... And stupidly put all my eggs in one basket, damn it all.
  • Emperor Cruz: ...
  • Emperor Cruz: Hmph.
  • Emperor Cruz: On a bright note for you: You'll be happy to know Puño's dead.
  • Emperor Cruz: Bit of cosmic revenge on your part, I suppose?
  • Emperor Cruz: Her cybernetics told me she died quickly, though.. Perhaps the Continuum granted her one last mercy when they---
    What the..??
  • Emperor Cruz: HAVE SOME PRIDE, MAN.
  • Emperor Cruz: You're an emperor, for god's sake!
    And you have pigeon poop on your shoe. Keep it together.
  • [squink squink squink squink squink]
  • [statue socle says Manuel Jose Cruz


  • This page is called "A Bit of Cosmic Revenge"
  • This statue might be mass-produced.[non-canonical]