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  • El Puño: Taneel, this moment is the reason the dictate exists. Keeping Earth hidden is more important than any of our lives.
  • Taneel: But we don't have to lose our lives.
  • El Puño: Stop. The order has already gone out. Chile is lost. Our empire asks one last task of us, before the planet falls.
  • [Deet deet deet]
  • [Click!]
  • Taneel: No! We can run! Run with us!
  • El Puño: Even your miracle pilot can't get out of this.
  • El Puño: This is an honorable end to a life of service.
  • Taneel: Think about this. Maria, Please.
  • El Puño: I know you've despised me since the academy.
  • El Puño: But everything I've ever done, I did to keep humanity safe.
  • El Puño: Believe it or not, I do have the capacity to love.
  • Taneel: Just give me ten minutes to come up with a plan. That's all I ask. Ten minutes.
  • El Puño: This fist moves mountains...
  • Taneel: No! NO!
  • [KRAK]


  • This page is called "One Last Task Before The Planet Falls"
  • This is the first time El Puño's name Maria is used.