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  • El Puño: NNNNG.
  • Taneel: Oh, hush. You'll live: Your wetware leg seems to have partially grouned you.
  • Taneel: But the director...
  • [Taneel tries to feel Steven's pulse]
  • Taneel: Damit, Stephen.
  • Taneel: [whispers] (Que Dios te perdone)
  • Taneel: Skitter! Nosh! Get everyone to the Machito: I'll bind up El Puño as you prep the ship.
  • [BOOM]
  • Skitter: You're just going to... leave her?
  • Taneel: We're not killing the head of the Jinyiwei
  • [BOOM]
  • Taneel: I'll just--
  • Taneel: What is that?
    ... Puño, what is that?
  • El Puño: Don't know. Not my doing.
  • Captain Maker: Gunners, target the ports first.
  • Captain Maker: Nothing leaves this planet,


  • This page is called "Que Dios te perdone"
  • The last character of the last sentence is probably a typo.