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  • Colegium Maker: ... And how do you know this is the human's core world?
  • Captain Maker: Most high, this planet exists in no record we've found.
    That's consistent with what the Tesskan prisoners told us of "Tierra"
  • Colegium Maker: [off-screen] Hmm. A dubious source, at best.
  • Colegium Maker: [off-screen] ... How many ships will you require?
  • Captain Maker: Ah. Well. Is the replaement for the Spark of Thought ready, perhaps?
  • Colegium Maker: [off-screen] Not for many revolutions, no.
  • Captain Maker: Then I formally request three attack fleets...
    Contemplation, Rumination and the Brooding.
  • Colegium Maker: Three fleets, maker??
    Are you unsure of your abilities?
  • Captain Maker: [off-screen] I am sure of my abilities with three fleets.
  • [Colegium Maker looking grumpy/pensive]
  • Colegium Maker: The Colegium approves your request.
  • Colegium Maker: Oh, and Maker...?
  • Colegium Maker: [off-screen] Return that which has been stolen
  • Colegium Maker: [off-screen] ... and the Colegium has a seat waiting for you.


  • This page is called "Contemplation, Rumination & The Brooding"