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  • El Puño: Ahh. Captain. I'm told you've confirmed our procedure worked.
  • Taneel: El Puño. What a -thing- to see you.
  • El Puño: Ha ha ha. "Thing" was not your first choice of words. Delightful.
  • El Puño: Director, kindly escort everyone out. I'd like to speak to the pilot alone.
  • Taneel: Cuddow, you can stop dancing: I know what she's doing.
  • Taneel: Puño, We won't be separated.
  • Taneel: We are under direct orders from the emperor.
  • El Puño: Oh, I know.
  • [El Puño takes hold of Cuddow's antenna: grab]
  • Skitter: Hey!
  • [El Puño tranquilizes Cuddow: TAK]
  • El Puño: But the Jinyiwei are far better suited to carry out those orders
  • Cuddow: Z
  • El Puño: ... than this low-budget circus troupe you've assembled
  • [KLIK.]
  • [VATT]
  • El Puño: Gaahh!
  • El Puño: Orla, wha...
  • Orla: Puño
  • Orla: I will thank you...
  • Orla: to step away from my circus troupe


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