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  • Taneel: I'm going to ask you a series of questions. Answer as best you can, OK?
  • Nosh: OK
  • Taneel: What is your full name?
  • Nosh: Nosh, in the line of Teffta
  • Taneel: And what ship do you serve on?
  • [MMPH]
  • Nosh: I am senior science officer on massive battle cruiser Sevillano
  • Taneel: No, that's not right. There's a new ship. Do you remember a new ship?
  • Nosh: Oh. Ha ha... Yes! Machito. Whoopsie-piddles!
  • Taneel: And who am I? How did we meet?
  • Nosh: You are my mo-- my captain. And we met...
    I do not remember
  • Taneel: You do remember. It was at the announcement.
  • Nosh: Oh yes! At the science academy! Announcing McBride's Wormhole.
    Did you... save my life?
  • Taneel: When the first bomb went off, yes. Then you save mine, with the second.
  • Nosh: And you commissioned me that night, over bowls of baba ganoush
  • [Taneel stares at Nosh]
  • Taneel: The baba ganoush you remember?
  • Nosh: I never forget baba ganoush


  • This page is called "Nosh, in the line of Teffta"
  • Baba ganoush is a kind of Arabian eggplant dip
  • McBride's Wormhole can be seen on the map on Page 0122.