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  • Steve: ... We've kept him in an induced coma overnight, while we brought his fever down, but we're waking your Veetan now
  • Taneel: Thank you for lettung us see him first, Stephen. Especially after... I...
  • Steven: Don't thank me. Thank El Puño. She insisted you see him before anyone else
  • Taneel: Can he speak?
  • Steven: We don't know yet.
    We're actually hoping you might help us determine if he's still... him.
  • Taneel: Of course. Of course.
  • Steven: ... Ready?
  • Taneel: Ready.
  • [psshhht]
  • [Nosh lying in bed]
  • Nosh: C...
  • Taneel: NOSH?
  • Cuddow: He's trying to say "captain"
  • Nosh: Y... muss he'p me
    isz kilin me
  • Taneel: Oh dear boy! Are you in pain???
  • Nosh: Isz kilin me. I can smell it.
  • Taneel: What's hurting you, lad? We can fix it.
  • Nosh: Somewhere... in this room... there's a muffin. I can smell it.
  • Taneel: Oh my boy!


  • This page is called "It's Killing Me"