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  • Cuddow: In light of the captain's um, temporary nap-naps, you may deal with me, director. I will assume command of the crew.
  • Steven: You??
  • Cuddow: And why not me?
  • Cuddow: I am the senior Fillipod advisor on Tesskil. Which, by the treaty of Kochi, affords me the rank of ambassador.
  • Cuddow: And as you know, by virtue of subsection 10, paragraph 22, line 8 of the imperial military code -- ambassadors may assume command of an armada ship when captains are incapacitated during times of war.
  • [stare-off between Cuddow and Steven]
  • Steven: Whatever.
  • Steven: ... As I was trying to tell Taneel before she flipped out, we've already run the smaller Vinn through the procedure.
  • Cuddow: Winter's kisses! Already??
  • Steven: It appears to have worked. The virus is completely out of its system.
  • Steven: So! Mister ambassador. While I check in on the prep work for the Veetan, I'll just leave this with you, since you're in "command"
  • [Cuddow and bucktoothed species member stare at each other]
  • [once more, with more feeling]
  • [this time, Cuddow starts to sweat and look away]
  • Cuddow: [whispers] (I lied.)
  • Cuddow: [whispers] (... It might've been subsection 6)


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