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  • Cuddow: Con-sarnit! I can't write down what I need to tell you. I can't speakit. I can't sing it.
    And I don't have a suitably varied set of oil paints to paint it.
  • [box says "oilset - 248 colors!"]
  • Cuddow: That only leaves me history's most useless artform
  • Cuddow: *Interpretive* *Dance*!
  • Cuddow: [sings] Sssaaah!
  • Taneel: No, Currow, I don't nee-
  • Cuddow: FEEL
  • Cuddow: ... the passion of my body's movement
  • Cuddow: SEE
  • Cuddow: my body as a vessel of thought made active
  • Cuddow: UNDERSTAND
  • Cuddow: my wiggles as a weird attempt to communicate some sort of message
  • Taneel: Cuddow.


  • This page is called "FEEL"