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  • Jinyiwei agent: Welcome, captain Taneel.
    While the project Styx team preps their equipmetn, I'm to invite you to relax in the lounge.
  • Taneel: Understood. And will the director be there?
  • [Machito goes SSSSSSS]
  • Jinyiwei agent: Shortly. He's still speaking with El Puño.
  • Taneel: She's here? On Chile? I didn't know she ever left the panopticon.
  • Jinyiwei agent: El Puño goes wherever the emperor commands, ma'am. And you're standing in the second panopticon
  • Taneel: The second panopticon?? Well my goodness. Why build one when two gets you twice the secrets.
  • Cuddow: --Fessa?
  • Fessa: Cuddow?
  • Cuddow: Of all the places! ... Are you working on Styx?
  • Fessa: I... am. But the walls have ears, here. We shouldn't speak.
  • Cuddow: Why not? What's wrong with two old friends saying hello?
  • Fessa: [speaks in Fillipod language]
  • [Cuddow freezes in surprise]
  • [Cuddow's antenna goes TAKA TAKA TAKA]


  • This page is called "When a Fillipod meets a Fillipod, Comin' Through the Rye" - most likely a reference to Catcher in the Rye, which, in turn, references the song turned poem Comin' Thro' the Rye
  • Fessa isn't kidding about the walls having ears - a panopticon is built so everyone within it can be observed without knowing at any time.