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  • The second panopticon of the Jinyiwei: Talca, Nuevo Chile
  • Jinyiwei agent: Ahhh! Looks like she'll see you now...
  • Steven: Wonderful
  • Steven: This fist moves mountains
  • El Puño: This fist moves stars
  • El Puño: Although it seems like this fist moves neither, under your command
  • Steven: Puño, the operational goals were --
  • El Puño: STOP. You returned with a third of the ships I gave you.
  • Steven: As we feared, the Daisy Cutters had no effect. But we were able to capture the infected Veetan.
  • El Puño: I should put you in the public stocks. Know that.
  • El Puño: But I need you to finish this project. So! You will restrict yourself to 900 calories a day for two months, as punishment.
  • El Puño: I want you to feel each of those Jiyiwei deaths, in deprivation.
  • Steven: Y--yes, ma'am
  • El Puño: We will run the smaller Vinn through Styx, first, to test its effectiveness. Then, the Veetan.
  • El Puño: After the Machito crew confirms his personality is intact, you will separate their pilot from the rest of the ship.
  • El Puño: I've decided we will assume the Machito's mission
  • Steven: We will? And what of the rest of that crew?
  • El Puño: Why, you'll kill them, of course.
  • El Puño: Can't have the emperor asking questions


  • This page is called "El Puño"
  • The recommended calorie intake for Steven would be closer to 2 600[1]
  • Translations:
    • el puño - the fist


  1. PDF: Estimated Calorie Needs per Day by Age, Gender, and Physical Activity Level