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  • Skitter: [off-screen] Captain, is that Tesskil to starboard?
  • Taneel: [off-screen] It is. I promised Cuddow we'd quickly fly past on our way back
  • Cuddow: [off-screen] Oh greatest joy! To catch a glimpse of home!
    Tremendous things are happening on Tesskil!
  • Skitter: Define "tremendous'". Because I'm seeing some freak-factor-5000 stuff happening with that planet's gravity
  • Cuddow: Oh, I bet! The Fillipod science authority is attempting to reconstitute the sourthern hemisphere. Nothing like it has ever been attempted before!
    It's all very exciting.. and terrifying! I've been getting constant updates from my cousin Puddy Tatt.
  • Skitter: Whoa whoa whoa... Did you say Puddy Tatt?
  • Cuddow: sigh
    That is his name. And yes, I know it means something else in Hybrid. But it's a complete phonetic coincidence.
  • Cuddow: Puddy Tatt is an ancient and noble Fillipod name
  • Cuddow: Anyway... The task is immense!
  • Cuddow: There are continent-sized pieces of mantle in unstable orbits around the planet, and they're attempting to safely bring them down.
  • Cuddow: The reunion of the first piece caused massive earthquakes... So they've had to invent entirely new gravity dampening systems
    And the clock is ticking! Those orbits are decaiyng rapidly, so every Fillipod is working the problem.
  • Cuddow: But! The head of the Fillipod science authority, first minister Huggstable, is confident it can be made to work.
  • [Skitter stares at Cuddow]
  • Skitter: Now you're messing with me
  • Cuddow: "First minister Huggstable"


  • This page is called "Tremendous Things"
  • This is the first mention of Puddy Tatt[1] and first minister Huggstable.[2]
  • Unless Fillipods invented a new word for this, "sourthern" is probably a typo.


  1. Real character
  2. Not a real character