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  • Skitter: Where are these coordinates taking us? This looks like... the far side of the orion spur.
  • Taneel: It is. The Jinyiwei are taking us to an unlucky planet called "Nuevo chile"
  • Orla: YOu know those coordinates?? How do you know those coordinates?
  • Taneel: En boca cerrada, no entran moscas.
  • Taneel: Suffice it to say, I am a woman very much aware of the world she inhabits, and has armad herself accordingly.
  • Taneel: You will not cross me again, Orla. The emperor has made it clear that you're staying here, and I can't overrule that...
  • Orla: Captain, I am not your enemy here
  • Taneel: But whatever the emperor says, this ship is my empire, and you will answer to me, while onboard.
  • Orla: Y..yes, ma'am
  • Taneel: Crew! Listen up! We are flying into a lashing den of vipers...
    You will touch nothing, you will look at nothing, and you will talk to no one. We are not getting pulled into their nonsense.
    We have one job on that planet: heal Nosh. And we will do nothing else while we're there. Do you hear me? Not one thing.
  • Cuddow: C...
    ... Can I pee?
  • Taneel: Yes Cuddow.
  • Taneel: FOR GOD'S SAKE


  • This page is called "En boca cerrada, no entran moscas"
  • Translations:
    • En boca cerrada, no entran moscas
      • Figurative translation: Loose lips sink ships[1]
      • Literal translation: In a closed mouth, no flies enter


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