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  • In the early years of empire, Du Fu was the technological center of humanity. Endless innovationspoured from the planet. Hence the old slang, "What's new from Du Fu?"
  • But by 2290, the tech mandarins of Du Fu found themselves outpaced by a new colony: NUEVO CHILE*Led by the charismatic Familia governor, César Cruz de Talca, Nuevo Chile grew faster than any human colony ever had
  • [sign reads Empieza tu Nueva Vida]
  • The "Césaristas," as his loyal colonists came to be known, performed almost super-human feats of engineering.
  • Roads, ports, universities, manufacturing centers -- they all appeared overnight.
  • And as the trade flowed in, power and influence flowed with it. The best minds of Beijing University no longer leaped to Du Fu: The leaped to Nuevo Chile.
  • Within a generation, the Césaristas grew confident in their power, and spoke openly of democracy post-Familia, and of reverse-engineering the Drive.
  • Emperor Pablo tolerated their "movement," but his cruel son Osvaldo did not. Osvaldo crushed the Césaristas, killed his aging cousin César, and set out to make an example of Nuevo Chile, with the cruelest imperial punishment ever:
  • He cute them off. From trade, from travel... from humanity. All Ring travel banned.
  • The were to be alone in the universe... forever.


  • This page is called "Begin: Act Two"