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  • Taneel: What was that? Did we just fire??
  • Cuddow: No ma'am: None of our M-waves have fired
  • Skitter: That was... a handheld. From the cargo bay
  • Taneel: Orla, what the hell did you just do? We had one chance to get Nosh!
  • Orla: [off-screen] Skitter is the best pilot I've ever seen. He'll get us another pass
    We can get Nosh and get revenge
  • Taneel: [off-screen] We're losing ships! Who cares about petty revenge?
  • Orla: I won't miss, captain. Bring me 'round again and I won't miss Nosh
  • Skitter: Even if I get us there, we might not get the shot. My mohawk is showing hodes of Vinn fleeing the stadium
  • Skitter: Oh! Oh wait. Nosh doesn't seem to be moving
  • Skitter: Looks like... he's eating
  • Cuddow: You can take the boy outta Veeta, but you can't take the Veeta outta the boy


  • This page is called "Revenge is a Dish Best Served With a Should-Mounted Missile"