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  • Vinn #1: MA'AM! MA'AM!
  • Vinn #2: What is it, child?
  • Vinn #1: Human ships! ... In this system! A fleet!
  • Vinn #2: Humans? Oh gods. We're not ready. Not here.
  • Vinn #1: What if they use the soulkiller on the surface?
  • Vinn #2: Dropships, child -- now! Get as many Vinn as you can to the interstellars
  • Vinn #1: And the new births?
  • Vinn #2: Save them, of course! Go!
  • Vinn #2: And the rest of you: Muster any A-A guns we have
  • Vinn #2: ... May the missing gods find us all
  • [Vinn run away]
  • Rogue Spirit: ... Unforeseen.


  • This page is called "May The Missing Gods Find Us All"