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  • [banner reads A UNION OF EQUALS]
  • Nov, 24, 2273...A great day for the empire!
  • Grand Admiral Enrique Cruz shakes hands with the leader of the "Veetan" race, after the successful pact between our two peoples. The alliance makes the resources and knowledge of this ancient race accessible to the Empire: A huge asset as humanity continues its "Great Expanse"!
  • The Veetans area an industrious and knowledgeable species, but firm pacifists: Refusing to share or train on any weaponry the Armada has offered. "But don't worry," the Admiral joked to the gathered gentle giants, "We'll take care of any scuffles!" To which the Veetan leader (whose charming title is The Least of Us) remarked, "May such conflict never come. May peace fill the hearts of all, as it does in this moment."
  • Well spoken, Leasty! For the glory of the Empire... Let peace with preparation be our hallmark!
  • 143
  • Drive Corps textbook page from 2274, showing the signing ceremony for the then-recent "Veetan-Human Alliance".
    Note the accidentally exposed watermark: Like all official Corps or Ring documentation, this student's book was printed on uniquely coded paper, to control distribution. And, just as it is now, any missing pages traced to a Familia member resulted in them being shot on sight.
  • Hung on display in the Drive Corps lobby, near the back stairs.


  • This page is called "The Veetan-Human Alliance"