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  • Fernando: And your husband? He's among them?
  • Taneel: Not among them: leading them. He seems to have moved up in that den of vipers since our divorce
  • Fernando: Well, I don't know what I can do. La Familia members have no power over the Jinyiwei.
  • Taneel: I know that. If anything, the Jinyiwei have directed more knives at La Familia than anywhere else.
  • Taneel: What I'm asking you to do is watch your back. You're in a lot of danger.
  • Fernando: Wait. What? You think the emperor is gunning for me? But... my dad...
  • Taneel: 'NANDO.
  • Taneel: Whether you like it or not, you're in the dang line of succession.
  • Taneel: And the Jinyiwei have a history of movin' those lines around
  • Fernando: But I'm no threat to him!
  • Fernando: I'M ONLY 14!
  • Fernando: Plus, it would take a coupla senior folks dyin' before I could even challenge the throne.
  • Taneel: Your family has spectacularly clever ways of dying right. On. Cue.


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