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  • Steven: This fist moves mountains.
  • Orla: This fist moves stars.
  • Orla: ... It's really good to see you again, director.
  • Steven: The emperor has informed me of the situation and we're en route with the equipment.
  • Orla: And your ships, sir? The Vinn presence is massive.
  • Steven: 9 cruisers, 82 corvettes... plus a warehouse-worth of Daisy Cuter drones.
  • Steven: The drones will break down the Vinn's defenses, then you'll swoop in to grab the Veetan.
  • Orla: But sir: Won't Daisy Cutters endanger Nosh?
  • Steven: They'll be nowhere near him. We'll use his cochlear implant to triangulate a safe blast radius.
  • Orla: Understood.
  • Steven: Oh, and Orla? Normally, I'd give you operational control of the ship you're on, but... um...
  • Orla: Sir?
  • Steven: But... I'm noticing you're on my ex-wife's ship. So, um....
  • Taneel: Don't poke that bear, Steven. DON'T POKE THAT BEAR.


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