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  • Taneel: So you're able to pilot it?
  • Skitter: Yeah! It's surrounded by Vinn, but I've been dipping & dodging for the last five minutes
  • [Fernando floats in the Machito]
  • Skitter: I can have it here in minutes, once I'm clear and can pinch space.
  • Taneel: Oooof. ... Then we have to explain it all to 'Nando
  • Taneel: He's going to be heartbroken that we lost Nosh
  • Orla: [off-screen] We haven't
  • Taneel: Orl?? Good god, you're awake?!?
  • Orla: We haven't lost Nosh.
    The Jinyiwei can save him
  • Orla: I CAN SAVE HIM


  • This page is called "The Jinyiwei"