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  • Taneel: [off-screen] Skitter, can you dance us through that Vinn Fleet?
  • Skitter: [off-screen] I can try
  • Skitter: But where do we... go? This ain't a big ship. We can only fly in-system.
  • Taneel: It'll have to be one of the six moons of Slaughter
  • Skitter: Nope. I'm seeing mayday calls from each of the moons. This invasion is huge
  • Taneel: Buhhh. What else is in this system?
  • Skitter: Gas giants
  • Taneel: Fine. Head to the nearest one.
  • Taneel: We'll hide in a polysulfide cloud.
  • Cuddow: Haaa! Tha shounds like lyricsh for a love shong
  • Taneel: What does?
  • Cuddow: "We'll hide in a polly shulfide cloud"
  • Taneel: What in God's name kinda love song is that??
  • Cuddow: MEBBE the GREATESH love shong INNA WERLD
  • Skitter: Siddown, Cuddow, you're drunk.


  • This page is called "Shounds Like Lyrikcsh for a Love Song"