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  • Taneel: My heart is broken, Cuddow. You lead us out.
  • Cuddow: Right.
  • Cuddow: Um, coming through, please! Coming through!
  • Nameless Minion Species Member #1: Not so fast, you little sh-
  • [Cuddow tranquillises the MSM with a TAK]
  • Nameless Minions Species Member #1: ☠zz
  • [Cuddow tranquillises another MSM with a TAK]
  • Nameless Minion Species Member #2: ☠zz
  • Nameless Astina Pup: Hey, whaddid you do to
  • [Cuddow tranquillises the Astina pup with a TAK]
  • Nameless Astina Pup: ☠zz
  • [lots of tranquillising off-screen TAK TAK TAK TAK TAK TAK
  • Skitter: Whoa... Cuddow, how did you do that?
  • Cuddow: Fillipods have a powerful sedative in their antenna. It only takes the lightest touch to
  • [Cuddow tranquillises himself with a TAK]
  • Cuddow: ☠zz
  • Skitter: Oh you're kidding me.
  • Taneel: Load him in.


  • This page is called "Tak Tak Tak"