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  • [boom!]
  • Skitter: Cuddow... We gotta GO. We gotta get offworld.
  • [boom boom]
  • Cuddow: We need to find a ship. What can your mohawk see?
  • Skitter: There's a... Skyflyer... I think? Parked right by... the main gate?
  • Cuddow: Sett, is that your ship?
  • Sett: Ha! Yes, but there's no way in hell you're coming with m
  • [energy beam goes THOOOOOOOOM through Sett's chest]
  • Sett: e e e
  • [Sett falls with a Fwump.]
  • Cuddow: Think we found a ship.
  • Skitter: Dude dropped his keys.


  • This page is called "I Call Shotgun"