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  • Fernando: Sorry about the pants. Was just waking up.
  • Emperor Cruz: Never mind that. How good are you in a fight?
  • Fernando: A... fight?
  • Emperor Cruz: A gunfight. Ship-to-ship combat: How'd you do in Drive Corps?
  • Fernando: Oh! I was great! Scored sharpshooter with M-Wave cannons and rail guns.
  • Emperor Cruz: Ha ha ha! Thank God! We might salvage this, yet!
    ... And how's your driving?
  • Fernando: Oh. Um.
    I never actually passed by driving class
  • Emperor Cruz: Dutt-dutt-dutt... Nevermind. We'll just use whatcha got.
  • Emperor Cruz: Shoot CONSTANTLY as you drive.


  • This page is called "How's Your Driving?"