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  • Because real-time communication is prohibitively expensive between stars, the epire's communications work largely on delay.
  • Father: Hi, son! The news is saying that pirates are active in your sector. Please leap home as soon as you get this.
  • Recorded vid-packs bounce ship-to-ship, delivering videos & data
  • The delay is annoying, but it works. (Mostly)
  • Father: "... Hope this reaches you quickly! Ping me back!"
  • But if you have gobs of money, you can use IndústriaGlobo's new network of Ring Relays... a secret Fillipod modification to the Cruz Drive.
  • Plunk down the cash, and voilà: You're instantly talking to the other side of the galaxy.
  • Emperor Cruz: NEPHEW
  • Fernando: Maaah!
  • Emperor Cruz: Fire up your Ring
  • Emperor Cruz: You're going to Slaughter, 'Nando
  • Emperor Cruz: And put some dang pants on!
  • Emperor Cruz: LORD


  • This page is called "Communication Errors"