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  • Emperor Cruz: So, astronomer: You have news of the Continuum?
  • Astronomer: Not the Continuum, sire.
    I've spotted FAR DARKER things that creep past our fears, and into our nightmares.
  • Emperor Cruz: What... a spider? You saw a widdle spider in your widdle telescope?
  • Astronomer: Ha ha! You are a delight. The perfect palliative for my palpitating heart.
  • Emperor Cruz: Stop
    Tell me in plain language what you saw.
  • Astronomer: I... I'd been charting ammonia clusters in the Wash. And in the process saw something extraordinary.
  • Astronomer: Fleets, sire. Fleets of Vinn, leaping in from the Carina-Sagittarius arm. They must have developed FTL drive.
  • Emperor Cruz: NO. Nonono.
  • Astronomer: And I've been tracking them, In three weeks, they seem to have invaded Tin, Slaughter, ... and, um...
  • Emperor Cruz: And what?
  • Astronomer: ... and the entire 3,000-year old Grasskan empire
  • Emperor Cruz: Dear GOD
  • Astronomer: And while, yes, I know it was a throw-away line, I have to reiterate what a gem the spider thing was.
    I'm jotting it down for my book group.


  • This page is called "The Perfect Palliative for my Palpitating Heart"