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  • [Centro Imperial de Intelligencia logo says Terra |Estrella|Familia]
  • La Familia member: Sir, your imperial astronomer wants to see you.
  • Emperor Cruz: My what?' My astronomer??
  • La Familia member: He says it's important. Keeps saying "the enemy is on the move"
  • Emperor Cruz: Fine. Send him in.
  • Astronomer: Ohhhh, my liege! My most blesséd emperor!
  • Emperor Cruz: [thinks] (Fillipod)
  • Astronomer: You, the most omnipotent of men! The sun, moon and stars of our empire!
  • Astronomer: My steadfast ruler! My bravest lord!
  • Astronomer: My most cherished king!
  • [Fillipod feet go scamper scamper scamper]
  • Astronomer: Surely you are a parking ticket...
    ...because you've got fine written all over you.
  • Emperor Cruz: Wait, what?
  • Astronomer: Oh no... which one? I tried studying human praise on the car ride over.


  • This page is called "Surely You Are a Parking Ticket"
  • This page is available as a limited print on the store
  • This is the first appearance of the imperial astronomer, the familia member appeared before, on Page 0101.