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  • Tres Primos Pilot: Mohawk! The Continuum are powering up their guns
  • Tall Primo: [sings] Cousinnnn...?
  • Porthos: Two seconds more! I'm on Hope!
  • [Tres Primos ship goes voot Voot VOOT}
  • [Tres Primos ship flies away VOOM!]
  • [Tres Primos ship flies out of the frame vmmmmmm]
  • [The Spark of Thought alone]
  • [The Spark of Thought shoots peww peww]
  • Tesskan #1: Dammit!
  • Decorated Tesskan: Haw haw! -Moron!
  • Porthos: REALLY??
  • Porthos: Storing meant in the Ring? Really??
  • Porthos: We almost DIED because of beef?!?
  • Strong Primo: It's Wagyu! It's Wagyu!


  • This page is called "Peww Peww!"