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  • Tesskan #1: [off-screen] Hey. A human ship just popped up next to us.
  • Decorated Tesskan: HUMANS? How we feelin' about humans? We shootin' 'em?
  • Veteran Tesskan: Well, lessee: We ain't got no more Tesskil. We ain't got no more Voss to yell at us. But! We do got a shop big as hell.
  • Decorated Tesskan: Ha ha ha ha
  • Tesskan #1: Right!
    Firing up the guns, then!
  • [Tesskan #1 freezes in sudden realisation]
  • Tesskan #1: Um
  • Veteran Tesskan: You 'member how to fire the guns?
  • Decorated Tesskan: I think it was the green button
  • Tesskan #1: They ALL green buttons


  • This page is called "How we feelin' about humans?"