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  • [Zuu zuu zuu]
  • [ship goes to normal space KANG]
  • [sssssssss....]
  • Strong Primo: What was that?
  • Tres Primos Pilot: We just dropped out of pinched space. Our Ring... failed
  • Porthos: Right. I'm on it.
  • Tres Primos Pilot: The error code says "Hope and Fear are misaligned"
  • Porthos: ¡Coño! Both?? I've never seen THAT happen
  • Tres Primos Pilot: What's "Hope and Fear"?
  • Porthos: Oh... just... Drive stuff.
    But don't worry: No one knows the inside of a Drive like I do.
  • Porthos: ... The Hell?
  • [sign reads Producto De Japón]


  • This page is called "Hope And Fear Are Misaligned"
  • This is the first time the components Fear and Hope are mentioned - other than the Singularity Ring, the only designations known to us thus far.
  • Storing meat in the Ring makes sense, because both need to be kept cold.
  • Translations
    • producto de Japón - product from Japan
    • coño is a swear word and it translates to #TRANSLATION ERROR