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  • Taneel: No, Nosh, we're not leaving you!
  • Nosh: Cap'n, you are mother to me, when Tesskans take mine
  • [Nosh rams Vinn WHAM]
  • [Nosh rams Vinn WHAM]
  • [Nosh rams Vinn WHAM]
  • [Nosh rams Vinn WHAM]
  • Nosh: You gave me a life. A happy one. And now I give it back to you.
  • Taneel: [off-screen] No, Nosh! Climb!
  • Nosh: Is small sacrifice for someone you love.
  • Fekk Dragon: Ah, but you mustn't think of this as a sacrifice, little one.
  • [Fekk Dragons extracts finger stinger shink.]
  • Fekk Dragon: You salvation is at hand
  • [chkk]


  • This page is called "Salvation"