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  • Taneel: The Vinn?!? Madre de dios, it's been 70 years
  • Skitter: It's thousands of dropships, ma'am. With 30 interstellars in orbit.
  • Cuddow: Captain, we have to go. We have to get off-world.
  • Taneel: How did I not see it? That dragon was right in front of my eyes.
  • Cuddow: None of us saw it! But we HAVE TO GO
  • Nosh: Cuddow! Orla is passed out! You must catch her!
  • Cuddow: Ooof. Got 'her!
  • Taneel: Nosh! Can you... climb? We'll find rope!
  • Nosh: Oh sweet captain. There is no rope. And no time.
    You must run
  • Nosh: Is... OK. I will slow them down.
  • Nosh: Is OK
  • Nosh: For family, I would fight


  • This page is called "For Family"